What Is A Roofing Square? How Big Is A Square of Shingles?

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A common question we get at Roofing Solutions is to define the term “roofing square.”

What’s a roofing square? How big? In feet? In yards?

In the roofing industry, the term “square” is unique. It does not refer to squared feet. Nor does it refer to squared yards.

Instead, a square is a term of measurement all its own. One roofing square is equal to 100 square feet.

…So, in a sense, we’re talking about square feet, but using this “unit” makes it easier to calculate the “footage” or required materials and cost of a roofing project. (Imagine how cumbersome it would be to calculate by the square foot or yard— that’s a big number!)

Convert Square Feet To Roofing Squares

Would you like to calculate the roofing squares needed to complete your replacement or new installation?

Let’s begin with an explanation of how to figure out roof square footage…

Steps to Measuring Roof Square Footage

  1. Prepare: For your safety, use a sturdy, reliable ladder and secure it to your roof. Wear shoes (boots) with proper traction to avoid slipping.
  2. Measure: Use a tape measure to note the length and width of your roof, including dormers. Be careful walking around so you don’t damage your roof.
  3. Calculate: Multiply the length by the width of each plane to determine the square footage. Then add the results together for the total square footage of your roof.

Roofing Square Conversion Calculator

Now it’s time to convert square feet into roofing squares. This is pretty simple; here’s an example:

If your roof is 2,000 sq. feet, then you will have 20 squares. (2,000 / 100 = 20).

Roofing Pitch for Square Roof Area

Finally, the more complex part is measuring your roof’s pitch.

  1. Estimate or calculate the pitch of your roof (low, medium or high).
  2. Climb to the peak of your roof. Bring a two foot level. Hold your level outward, perfectly horizontal from your roof, so the bubble is in the middle of the indicator glass. Then, using a tape measure, determine how many inches are between the middle of your level and your roof. (See picture below – from Home Advisor).
  3. Multiply the number of roofing squares by the following digits below.

Low Pitch: 1.07 x Roofing Squares
Medium Pitch: 1.185 x Roofing Squares
High Pitch: 1.36 x Roofing Squares

NOTE: We understand a roof’s pitch makes this process somewhat tricky. Enjoy Home Advisor’s free roofing square calculator right here.

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