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Whenever there’s a problem with your roof, it’s best to call in the professionals right away. We offer 24-hour emergency repair services and also provide free, on-site inspections at no cost to the homeowner— (just click here).

But if you’re a handyman yourself or curious to perform your own inspection, please remember that safety always comes first.

That said, we experts at TX Roofing decided to dedicate this post to safety, your safety. Below are homeowner roof repair safety tips and advice to help you stay safe while on top of your roof.

Homeowner Roof Repair Safety Tips

Ok, so you’re thinking about climbing on top of your roof.

…Do you have a ladder? One you can secure at the ground to avoid movement? Does it reach high enough, to safely secure?

…Do you have proper shoes, with traction, but nothing that will damage, say, your beautiful clay tiles?

…And, you’re not scared of heights, right?

  1. Safe Access — Again, if you can’t safely access your roof, it’s best not to. Make sure your ladder is properly-sized, in tact, sturdy and secured. Be careful securing to gutters.
  2. Proper Shoes — Boots with traction are best for rooftop walking. Avoid old shoes without tread or loose-fitting footwear.
  3. Right Conditions — Sunny, clear days are best for roof inspections and maintenance. Be careful right after heavy rains or stormy weather. Also avoid any puddling areas, as they may be unsound.
  4. Rooftop Walking — Try to walk gingerly, especially if you have a natural stone or tile system. Heavy feet and rough movement can also shift shingles and scrape off granules on asphalt roofs.
  5. Gutters & Edges — Do not walk on, put weight on, or rely on gutters for support. You may want to invest in gutter guards to help in securing your ladder prior to accessing the roof.
  6. Clean Space — A cluttered work environment won’t do when it comes to roofing. A slip could be a fall, and no one wants that. Be sure to keep your area as clean & open as you possibly can.

There’s never not enough time to be prepared. Please exercise caution when inspecting, cleaning or maintaining your roof.

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