Professional Texas Roofing Contractors vs. Storm Chasers

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Professional Texas Roofing Contractors vs. Storm Chasers

Have you ever heard of a storm chaser?

Did Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt from the 1996’s Twister come to mind?

In comparison, roof storm chasers aren’t much different than the character Paxton portrayed. They bounce from town to town, often “hyping up” the “damage” your roof may have incurred after a recent hail storm.

Charismatic, pushy and, admittedly, pretty decent salesmen, storm chasers look for ways to get on your roof, for an inspection, so they can locate areas in “need” of immediate repair – or sell you on a full roof replacement.

Versed in roofing insurance, the goal of the scammer is to make a sale your provider covers, and then provide you, the homeowner, with the cheapest option to maximize profit.

We caution against these door-knocking salesmen, and urge you to always consult a LOCAL professional Texas roofing contractor when it’s time for roof maintenance, an inspection or repair / replacement work.

Watch Out for This, When They Come Knocking

It’ll go something like this:

Hi, Folks. I’m Mr. Official with Reputable Roofing Company X. Are you aware of the likelihood of damage your roof incurred from that recent storm last week?

And, in a flash, before you know it, Mr. Official is on your roof, locating damage, and pushing a contract in your face – for some “awesome” rate – that you must sign right away. Or maybe he’s asking for you to pay in cash…

TX Roofing has heard many horror stories, so we advise you avoid:

  • Contractors with out-of-state licenses
  • Companies with no local office (or poor reviews)
  • Roofers who knock on your door after storms!
  • Contractors with no certifications (check BBB)
  • Companies who cannot produce local references

Don’t get us wrong – there’s reputable out-of-towners you can hire to fix, repair or replace your roof.

But know that local roofing companies have more at stake – namely, a reputation to uphold. It’s too easy for storm chasers to sell homeowners on premium prices for low-quality materials and shoddy work.

Been Solicited by Storm Chasers this Year?

When the next storm hits, let TX Roofing know, so we can come inspect your home for free. With over 20 years providing roofing services for Ft. Worth, Texas, Roofing Solutions of Texas is the preferred area contractor.

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