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Many homeowners will ask us about roof warranties.

Questions like:

What’s a roofing warranty? What about the manufacturer warranty? And what about a workmanship warranty? And for how long do each of these last?

So we decided to write a concise post this month that will answer all questions our Texas residents have about roofing warranties.

Roofing Warranty FAQs Resolved

1. What’s a roofing warranty?

Every new roof installation or replacement should provide the homeowner with two warranties:

  • Manufacturer Warranty – covers material used to complete a project and varies by brand.
  • Workmanship Warranty – covers installation errors and should be paid important attention to.

These two warranties are ALWAYS included. If you’ve been told otherwise, disassociate yourself from that particular roofer and/or company.

2. How do these two roofing warranties work?

Manufacturer warranties are clear-cut.

Materials typically come with a 25-to-30-year or (preferred) lifetime warranty. What this means is that in the event your roof fails because of product failure or defect – you are entitled to comprehensive coverage.

However, manufacturer warranties often exclude all costs incurred from defective materials. So it’s in your best interest to use the best materials in the market.

And even the manufacturer warranty cannot be responsible for mistakes made by installers.

All homeowners should do everything in their power to ensure the company hired is highly reputable and performs A+ service, as evidenced by online reviews, industry experience (years in business), and word-of-mouth suggestions by those who have recently used that company’s services.

Workmanship warranties typically last a year, sometimes longer. However, manufacturer warranty length (longer warranties, for instance) isn’t what’s most important.

All homeowners should read contracts thoroughly, all fine print, to determine the scope of the workmanship warranty:

  • Length – is this clearly defined? If more than a year, exactly how long?
  • Scope – are all services performed covered? Only on installation and replacement – literally? What about any leaks?
  • Semantics – what does coverage mean? What does “damage” mean? In the event a leak causes damage inside your home, is that damage covered too? Up to how much money, what’s the “ceiling” for cost coverage?

3. Is there anything else I should know of importance you can tell me?

Roofing Solutions of Texas only uses the best materials for our projects. Preferred materials are those manufactured by GAF and CertainTeed.

Since there’s no industry standard for workmanship warranties, we encourage you to be confident the company you go with is the best, too. …Especially since more than two-thirds of problems are not because of materials – but installation mistakes.

The North Texas Roofing Experts at Roofing Solutions of Texas

We surely hope this information has cleared up things for you.

If you have more questions or questions specific to a project, we welcome you to call us for accurate, honest answers. Perhaps what separates our company from others is our dedication to customer service and open communication – and honest, reputable craftsmanship.

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