Types of Roof Leaks

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With the climate and weather here in Texas, it’s never fun when a roof is in need of repair. Perhaps small and “manageable” at first, roof leaks can cause more serious problems when left untreated.

To help homeowners understand the different types of roof leaks and their causes, we’ve compiled a list of the most common repairs we have encountered over the years. The following are typical culprits of leaky roofs in Fort Worth and surrounding areas.

The Different Types of Roof Leaks & Their Causes

If you’re a local resident experiencing roofing leaks, you already feel how frustrating it is to not know the root of the problem:

  • Was it from last week’s storm?
  • Are there gaps in my flashing?
  • What about shingles, any missing?
  • It couldn’t be the gutters, could it?

Texas Homeowners Often Experience Leaks From…

At Roofing Solutions of Texas, we couldn’t better understand what you’re going through. Offering 24-hour emergency repairs, our company is prepared for whatever types of roof leaks you may be experiencing. From experience, we’d put our money on your problem surfacing from one of these common scenarios.

Standing Water – When water remains collected on your roof for over 48 hours, problems can arise. Likely causes include clogged gutters and the need for re-pitching. Check all draining systems for blockages (ice dams in winter).

Storm Damage – Storms afflict the most damage to roofing systems. If you’ve noticed leaks in your home shortly after severe weather, it’s time to have a qualified roofer diagnose your roof to quickly locate and resolve your issue.

Cracked Flashing – Skylights that were improperly installed or with cracked flashing cause leaks. Chimneys and vent pipes with gaps at joints or even the smallest of flashing cracks result in leaking.

Broken Shingles – Broken shingles, rotted fascia, and other gaps in roofing will certainly allow water into your home. Any missing or broken shingles should be addressed as soon as they’re noticed.

Valley Gaps – Roof leaks often occur where two slopes join. At these “valleys,” shingles should be cut correctly to avoid allowing water to penetrate seams and enter structures.

No Maintenance – Roofs must withstand a lot, like prolonged heat exposure, cold temperatures, and rain and storms. Regular checkups ensure your roof functions optimally, with two inspections per year recommended.

To learn about our expert roof leak repair services, read this page.

What Types of Roof Leaks Can We Help Get Repaired?

We hope you enjoyed reading about the common types of roof leaks homeowners experience. Please continue to visit our blog for more roofing information, like how to determine if it’s a repair or full roof replacement you need.

In the meantime, if your roof is leaking, we urge you to contact our company as soon as you can. Providing free, on-site inspections, we’ll let you know what types of roof leaks you’re dealing with, and the best options for repair.

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